One of the most important decisions for our wedding was in selecting a photographer and we selected the best one: Leticia Alarcon. After the Big Day what is left for the newly weds, family and friends are the pictures. These take us back in time to live one of the most important moments of our lives. And there is nothing more satisfying than professional pictures.Leticia’s work has left us speechless; every picture was taken with objective and well studied scenery and postures, resulting with perfect pictures in every sense, perfect colors with natural lighting that expresses the moments so full of emotions and happiness. Leticia was very patient, professional, detailed and more than anything very understanding working persistently to reach what we, as a couple were looking for.We really recommend Leticia to all couples searching for a great photographer that will leave a significant trace in your lives; we really enjoyed working with her.Leticia: “We sincerely thank you very much for all your time, punctuality, patience, trust, professionalism and for our perfect photos which we dreamed of”.Sincerely,Marisel Puebla-Baheri & Hossein Baheri

WOW, just gorgeous! I would highly recommend Leticia for a wedding. She is fantastic, we loved her and she does such a great job. Letcia needs to know that all my friends and family around the world have seen the pictures that she has taken from our wedding and here is some examples of what we have heard: (exact words from people...)"What a great job, everyone looks so beautiful and the pictures are great" "WOW, i wish we got this photographer for our wedding.." "You really feel like you were there in mexico looking at these pictures, just amazing photography..." "You're photographer did such a wonderful job with the wedding. Lucky you."Thank you so much for all your time, help, energy, patience, trust, joy and gratitude. We sincerely loved working with you and again, we will always recommend you to anyone. You have been great to work with and we really can't thank you enough.Sincerely,Nicole and Adam GiulianoLandaphotovideo you guys are the best!!!!